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This special issue is a personal tribute which I wrote for the mighty "Bull Metal" (R.I.P.) and the history & meaning of his legendary Black Metal-force "TYPHON"!!! The amount of re-issues and activities around this band has (all out of sudden?!) risen again,  but I've felt a big lack of comprehension within all releases regarding the legacy of Bull Metal himself, same as for the meaning of his band. Typhon was an intense and great band, same as Bull Metal as well but it seemed to me, that nobody really put a serious focus upon everything he represented and lived for the Underground - in the past and present! Thus the articles in this issue were written in a certain form, to make you understand his way of thinking, attitude and also all the decisions he made, which finally led him to his too early end as well. Besides of the articles, this issue also includes 5 old interview re-prints (taken from original scans of old 90s zines from Colombia, Norway and the US), old photos and other stuff...

This zine was written with total respect for Bull Metal and Typhon and shall only by read by totally dedicated Underground Bangers, as no other will ever be able to understand the magnificence of his lifework!!

30 Pages, printed on A4 size-paper and completely written in english.
(Only 30 copies printed!!)

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