Fatal Underground Fanzine - #56

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Number #56 of one of the longest-lasting underground fanzines from germany: FATAL UNDERGROUND!!!
Fast as hell, this zine pumps out one issue after another without losing its quality in content (interviews and reviews!), detailed as fukk and very honest - absolutely NON-COMMERCIAL!!! 
Interviews of this issue were mades with:

-Grotesque Organ Defilement
-Dogma Omega
-Abo Alsleben (Mayhem Live in Leipzig Book Editor)
-Mental Phlegm
-Last Resistance
-and many more...

Fatal Underground is one of the fattest zines ever (I mean, we got 2(!) zines in one here, all together more than 100 pages!) and still available for a damn cheap price, this zine is totally dedicated to the real support of all those bands, which zine-master and editor "Leo" likes... and nothing else!!! Honest and straight as fukk!!!


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