Sadistic Tormentors of the Apocalypse - Split Tape (Warfare Noise/Hexenaltar/Bastard Christ)

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Risen under the burning banners of Destruktion Records:


A radical extreme metal Split-Tape, uniting three hordes from South America and Europe for the total armageddon-strike of absolute underground might!!! Anti-Trend & Non-Commercial!
9 Tracks in total, evoked by:

WARFARE NOISE - Merciless Black Thrashing Terror Commando from Paraguay (3 Tracks)*
HEXENALTAR - Blackened Speed/Thrash Destroyer from Poland (3 Tracks + Intro)**
BASTARD CHRIST - Bestial Goatlusting Black Metal Antichrist from Peru (2 Rehearsal Tracks)***

*taken from the "Eternal Supremacy of the Tyrant" Album
**brand new tracks
***exclusive new tracks (rehearsal)

Almost 30 minutes of bloody underground madness, dubbed on normal tapes with label-sticker (single-side recorded) including fold-out cover with mini-poster on the backside and bandarole! Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies!!! Interested Distros get in touch for free covers!!!


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