Ejecutor/Throneum - Split CD

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Killer Split-CD of the polish Black-Death Warcommando THRONEUM (3 tracks) & the chilean Blackened Deathrash Beast EJECUTOR (4 tracks)!!! (Personal favorite on this split will always be Ejecutor!! Mighty as hell! Lunatics and Maniacs of Force of Darkness/Cremation Pyre will worship this!)

Solid, ripping, obscure Underground Metal Terror! To my surprise this CD got already released last year and even more the fact that it was dedicated to NECROTERROR (Bass - Ejecutor), who passed away in september 2021!!! R.I.P. Warrior... blast this record on maximum volume!!

Official CD-Version by Dark Recollections Recs./Triumvirate of Evil (both absolute killer labels!)
***Mexico Import***


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