Leprovore - Horrorreahction Tape

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Traditional Death Metal from Brazil, similar to the old US-Death Metal sound!!! 
Fast, heavy, gory, sick Death Metal the way it has to be done! This stuff is pretty straight forward marching with lots of variations, therefore I have to highlight, that this record (for being "just" a demo) is truely a fukkin sick release of Leprovore - the sound, the songs itself, everything's done with total guts and an intense atmosphere of real dedication for the shit they do! A thousand times more interesting than all the other hyped gay-ass "death metal heros" of your average major-magazines!!! ...True dedication will always overpower wealth and a "cult-status" won't change your album automatically into gold!!! Only Underground will deliever the real shit!!

Official Tape-Version by Dark Recollections Recs.
***Mexico Import***


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Versandgewicht: 80 g
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