The Temple of Satanic Warlord Fanzine - #4 + CD

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"From the dark Underground... for the Dark Underground!" comes forth the 4th issue of the german black metal fanzine 'The Temple of Satanic Warlord'!!! Upon 88 black pages (A4 size!) you'll get once again the ultimate collection of new interviews with real(!) underground black metal hordes, which are not part of any gay-ass trend rainbow hipster shitciety!!! Further, the interviews have grown in length and thus deliever a lot of killer news and information from each band:

-Seeds of Hate
-Ominous Reflections
-Waffenträger Luzifers
-Cosmic Burial
-Morte Perpetua
-Lunar Chalice
-Darkmoon Warrior
-Also several special articles and many reviews!!!

No trendy traitors or empty faces!!! As you can already see at the list, this issue contains many bands from the german underground of which I have hardly seen any interviews lately (since most other zines are likely to focus only on new bands from 'instagram' shit or the next towel-face superstar of "Britain's got Talent"... Fukk off!), so this issue yes is something special... Seeds of Hate, Nebran, Darkmoon Warrior, Lunar Chalice... those are already reason enough to grab this sick zine!!!! On top, this issue contains once again a killer CD-Sampler with tracks of every featured band, pure Underground Black Metal without any signs of weakness, trends or fukkin compromises!!! Total Support!!! ONLY PRINTED IS REAL - ONLY UNDERGROUND MATTERS!!! All the rest is commercial, lame-ass fake shit!!!!!!!!

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