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True Black Metal from peruvian Hell!!!
"Culto..." is the second album (2014) of this peruvian black force, gathering eight hymns of raw black metal mysticism which are cloaked under a strong aura of obscure, evil ancestral might! Neither is Kay Pacha one of these typical shit bands who only recycle old riffs from other bands to claim themselves 'to sound like band XY...", nor is this any of these fukked up weekend-drunkards bands... this shit is serious! You'll witness the magic!!! Or get crushed by it!!!

There are bands who molest you with their own propaganda all day long (the shitty poser copycat faggot bands!!!) - and there are other bands, of which other maniacs tell you about in total enthusiasm and hypnosis... and so is Kay Pacha! This record is truely different and unique - and NOT recommended for those, who blindly buy everything that's declared to be "Black Metal"! 'Culto en los Bosques' demands your total attention and energy to understand and bear its magic to the last! No nordic bla bla... TRUE SOUTH AMERICAN HELL BLACK METAL!!!

Official Tape-Version by Guts'n'Blood!!

***Peru Import***



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