Old Coffin Necrosletter - #1

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The first issue of the new Underground Newsletter by the killer OLD COFFIN ZINE from Spain!!!
8 pages, printed in A4 and FULL of stuff, such as many record-/zine-reviews and a special interview with the almighty "Hellavenger" (Chile) - same as Sadistic Intent, there can't be enough interviews with this band in my opinion arghh!!!

This newsletter (same as all other printed and REAL UG Zines/NLs) is a great guide through the chaotic and way too crowded jungle of bullshit releases these days, to keep your eyes and energy focused only on the real stuff, that's worth it... worth it, that bangers sit down and write honest words about it, get 'em printed and spread them to support these killer bands, without even earning any cent on it. That's called dedication for the passion!!

Mega thanks to Isaac (Old Coffin Zine)!!! Exclusively distributed through Destruktion Records/DiscosMeCagoEnDios (europe) and El Abismo Recs. (Chile)!!!

Only printed is real!!!! Support the real Underground and boycott all the trendy fakers!!!

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