Grimorium Verum/Cabra Infernal - Vientos del Pasado... Split Tape

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Finally the two mighty forces of the ecuadorian Black Metal Cult have gathered for this sick unique split-release!!! 
In total this split contains 7 tracks, of which the 4 were taken from an old rehearsal (with an extremely good sound!!!) of the "first ecuadorian black metal band" GRIMORIUM VERUM from 1998! These rehearsal-recordings have never been published so far and mark a very special bonus for this Tape! The last 3 tracks of this split were taken from a rehearsal of CABRA INFERNAl, which was recorded in Feb. 2022!!! 

Although both recordings were "rehearsals", the sound is pretty strong and made of great quality, but the most important about it is the intensity and raw power, which both bands express!!! This is true passion - REAL Underground Black Metal - from the past and present! The same also relates to the traditional DIY-format! In highest honor to the old underground metal cult - fukk the trendies and the fake ass "collectors mentality" who only hunt for "nice tapes", FUKK OFF!!!! This release is totally DIY UNDERGROUND!

Each Tape comes incl. a sticker and 8-page booklet!!

Hail to Infernal Warlord & Aniquilacion Satanica Prod.!

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