No Remorse Fanzine - #07

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The seventh issue of the fanzine-master-machine 'Helson' (Cthulhu zine)!!!
Diving more into Punk, HC and crust (but also all kinds of extreme metal!), this zine offers a small but sick collection of interesting interviews with all kinds of sick minds from all over this sick world:

-Adrenalin O.D.
-Government Issue
-Septic Death

All interviews were pretty long this time and in contrary to nowadays mentality, they are really interesting and easy to read (so, no lame excuses accepted here, ok?!) - Only printed is real! And so are good interviews, too!!!
As a special bonus, there's a killer history-report about the old punk-scene in the brazilian underground, also a nice article about Repulsion in relation to the zines content (killer as fukk!) and also some reviews!!! All in all, a great publication which is definitely worth it to be printed for eternity!!!


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