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The resurrection of the third opus, the mightiest invocation and absolute majestic force of true colombian black metal by the mighty NEBIROS has finally been finished! "El Lider de los Caidos" will rise and conquer again, now available as limited underground tape-edition (exclusive european-version). "El Lider de los Caidos" is one of the most intense and truely devoted black metal albums, which has ever been written and even more due to its original release-date (2014), the meaning and radical ideology of this album and Nebiros speaks a radical language for itself. A total masterpiece, and in my opinion even the most extreme and radical album of the mighty Nebiros, who remained loyal to their ancient beliefs and satanic, dark sound: Extremo Lucifero Black Metal Medallo!!

In honor to grant this masterpiece and legendary force of colombian black metal radicalism the honor it deserves, a lot of time, blood and power has been sacrificed for this release, which started with a dark dream that later on turned into a vision, which has finally become reality!!!

Next to the regular Tape-Version (and patch-sticker-bundle sets), a limited Die Hard-Edtion has been crafted, which is limited to 66 copies, only!!! (266 copies in total)

The DIE HARD-VERSION contains:
-"El Lider de los Caidos" Tape incl. all lyrics
-Patch (woven)
-Logo Badge
-A5 Photocard
-A5 Fanzine w/ liner-notes of "Bael" & rare photos
-Logo Sticker
-A3 Poster
*hosted in a black blanket, sealed with a metallic pentagram!!!*

Do NOT order this tape (especially the Die Hard-Version) if you don't understand the true might of Nebiros!!! Fukk your money and false attitude of a "modern collectors society"!! Radicalism and true spirit reign eternally!

True colombian Black Metal Underground!!!
This release is dedicated to my loyal brother, the immortal Guerrero de Lucifer "Bael"!!!


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