Deathly Scythe - Darkness moves over the Abyss Face 7" EP

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The insanely killer and new, deadly lethal 7" Deathattack from Chile by the masters of DEATHLY SCYTHE was absolutely worth the damn long time of waiting!!!!!!!!! Extremely aggressive and evil the new tracks will rip down your fukkin face into pieces within seconds! "Heaven's Demise" vs "Morbid Funeral Chant", this is the real shit!!!! Two unmerciful, raw death/Deathrash metal hymns from the radical south american underground!!!

And although pressing 7" has almost become a fukkin privilige for the rich ones, Life Eternal Prod. still made it to release this killer gem on vinyl for a still much more fair price than most other fukkers do these days - also this EP comes in a traditionally folded cover with one hell of a sick-ass and real underground layout!!! Doesn't get better than this - in music and vision! True power and passion!!!

Support the real Underground!!! Don't spend your hard earned money on over-priced re-re-re-re-re-releases, which you already got at least 10 times in 10 different formats at home... the 7 bucks for this 7" are 666% worth it and 666 times better invested than for any shit in this money-ruled ass world!!


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