Sacrilegio - Podredumbre 1986 - 1988 LP + Fanzine

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Ultra Metal Cult, Colombia!!!
...the true origin of brutality! Arghh finally, the old recordings of the colombian ultra metal force "Sacrilegio" have been resurrected and united on this insane LP-release, which consists of:

Convocatoria "Rodrigo D. No Futuro" Y Grabacion Tape 1986-1987
01. Podredumbre
02. Inmundicia
03. Guerrero Infernal
04. Instrumental

Grabacion final para la banda Sonora de "Rodrigo D. No Futuro" (1988)

Concierto - Accion Comunal del Barrio Alfonso Lopez Castilla, 1987
07. Guerrero Infernal
08. Instrumental
09. Sociedad Podrida

Also this killer LP-version contains an A4-size zine with many old and rare photos!!!

Ultra Metal represents everything, what real underground metal stands for! Fukk your lame well-produced, sissy-metal bullshit and experience the difference between fake shit and real, authentic (ultra) metal, created by those, who truely live and die for the metal cult every single moment in the most radical way!!! Ultra Metal led the way, Ultra Metal is pure Spirit! Anti-Technical Metal Might, pure and raw!! If you're not into Ultra Metal, you're a trendy poser fag!!!

Pressed on black waxxx by F.O.A.D. Recs.
***Italy Import***



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