Crucifixion - Necrolatry/Corpse Decapitation LP

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Raw as hell-Deathrash Terror from Japan from 1986!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
True pioneers and in contrary to the normally more speed or melody oriented extreme metal bands of that time (besides of the punk bands), Crucifixion had one of the most rawest sounds so far with that sick ass death-trash edge!!!

This LP contains both demoss from 1986 and '87 with 7 tracks in total, which you won't find elsewhere!
Further, as a special bonus, the LP also contains a printed innersleeve with an old and rare interview, taken from the "Noxious Ruin" Fanzine with "Crucifixion"!!! Killer band, killer release!!!
Pressed on black waxxx!!!

***Italy Import***



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