Human Gas - Super Violence Hardcore '84-89" Boxset 2xLP + CD + DVD + Book

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Fat-ass killer package for the japanese Hardcore troops of HUMAN GAS!!!
This sick edition contains ALL their material ever recorded, which means:

The complete discography - we're talking about 79 tracks in total, okaaaay?! - including the tracks from the "Holy Grail" Split 7" (w/ Stali Nism), Demo tracks, unreleased stuff, live tracks, instrumentals and what-not etc etc... THIS IS HUMAN GAS!!!  2x LPs + CD + DVD + Booklet (which is full of old flyers, photos, original Artworks etc), all hosted in a sick hardcover sleeve, strong enough to smack down your damn neighbour whenever he storm-rings your doorbell while blasting the shit out of these records on maximum volume!!!

Yes this set is expensive, but it's also worth it! Further, as I do have only one copy left, I do not wish to sell to just anyone... only real Hokkaido Hardcore Punx & Maniacs wanted!!!

Pressed on black waxxx by F.O.A.D. Recs.!!!!

***Italy Import***



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