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So here it finally is, the ultimate tribute-bible for the godfather of south american, radical, underground metal and satanic lust: SARCÓFAGO!!! The insane OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC Zine (Hail Necronosferatus!) gathered the most deadly shit of secrets, stories and histories of this killer brazilian legendary cult horde, including toooons of interviews with old ex-members, such as Wagner Antichrist, Gerald Incubus, Zeder Butcher, Manuel Joker, Fabio Jhasko and Armando Leprous!!!! Also more interesting interviews with the ultimate who-is-who from the brazilian pits (the only ones who truely matter:

-Holocausto WM
-Komando Kaos
-Bode Pretor
-Into the Cave
-Grave Desecrator

-Greyhaze Records
-Jose Luis Cano (Under Fire Zine, etc,... Mexican Maniac) and many more, next to many comments of other musicians, zine-editors, maniacs from all the true Underground!!!

...those who finally never answered their interviews have shown their "true dedication" for this band huh?! Suckers!!!

We've waited years and years for this zine and finally it is here and now holding this sick issue within my hands, I just realized how brutally overdue it's been, that such a tribute finally saw the light but I am glad that it's been the OSMM who did that, as this crazy maniac NEVER did anything for money or fame!!! Leszek "Necronosferatus" is THE OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC and with this issue, he once again defended proudly his ultimate reputation for having the best metal-zine ever, which unites oldschool and underground together in the most powerful way! SUPPORT OR DIE ON THE CROSS!!

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