Rosenfeld - Demo 1991 Tape (3rd Edition)

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*First 100 copies come as "silver bag"-edition incl. Photocard*
***15 copies are secret "ultra rare"-editions which also contain a metal pin & button, holographic photocard & cover!!***

As the demand for this demo was still so damn high, here you'll finally get another chance...(a big FUKK OFF to all the bastard re-sellers on discogs and shit, who put the tapes up for ridiculously high prices!!! Die out!!!!)


True japanese Thrash Metal Cult!!!
ROSENFELD were the leading-force within the new rising extreme metal underground of Japan since the mid-80s by breaking all limits of extremity. A new level of pure violence, merciless aggression and radical shock-power has been reached within the japanese thrash underground and fortunately its violent sound got captured for eternity on (nowaydays) extremely rare records, which still most thrash records till today can't keep up with!

Now... 30 years after its first release, the legendary "Demo 1991" will finally see the light again on it originals format! Also instead of presenting a cheap 1:1 copy of the original, we (label and band) have made the decision to resurrect it with an exclusive new cover-artwork (special thanks to May Witchhammer!) and layout, which shall reflect the vision and spirit of an underground label, which Destruktion Records proudly stands for! At this point I'd like to mention that the artwork was not randomly taken or made... same as the layout, the ideas and all the rest! Everything followed our personal visions and no decision has been made without a clear consideration!



ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAPANESE-FANS please get in touch with ROSENFELD to order your copies!!! A big amount of tapes (regular & die hard-boxes) will be shipped to the band, as they want to make sure that japanese maniacs can get the same chance to have their copies for a fair price (no expensive import, ebay/discogs rip-off, or fukks like that!!!)... so support the ones, who truely appreciated your support for more than 3 decades already!!!

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