Echoes of Death Fanzine - #3

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A new underground fanzine from germany, totally devoted to the eternal death metal cult!!! This is already the third issue of this killer zine with 56 pages (A4 size and written in english) and contains several killer interviews (which were created in a very down-to-earth style and therefore bring a lot of fun to read!) with killer hordes from the glorious past up to newer death metal hordes such as:

-Of Feather and Bone
-Perilaxe Occlusion
-Ken (Ken's Death Metal Crypt)

Also contains several reviews at the end and many flyers here and there!! This is the true way of promoting your shit and by reading through the zine, you'll realize once again the importance of such fanzines for the real underground! No online gossip-rumoury, no unnecessary bullshit to keep our brains asleep... this the result of total devotion for the ancient death metal cult!!! Support the real maniacs, kill the false big-mouths!!! Online shit sucks ass!!!

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