Lord Frimost - Dark Age of Intolerance Tape

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Special anniversary (D.I.Y.-) Tape-Version of the killer "Dark Age of Intolerance" album by the ultimate black metal force from the dividing line: LORD FRIMOST!!!! In contrary to most other south american black metal bands, Lord Frimost created a very unique sound which combined the traditional nordic-style with the raw, south american edge of pure savagery and bloody hatred - therefore this album is truely a very unique piece of real, underground black metal!!! Mastermind "Infernal Warlord" takes no prisoners at all and remained loyal to the radical underground ideology to this day, which 1) gave this album its insane, unholy aura of pure evil and dark energy and true spirit and 2) also became the reason, why he decided to spread this anniversary version as a D.I.Y.-Tape! No fancy box-set with hotfoil stamping or any other unnecessary bullshit for the Dis-Cocks piranhas... this anniversary tape was made for those, who truely worship the ancient black flame and devoted their lives to it in every single way! Fukk the online-show off faggs!!!

As special bonus, this tape also contains 2 extra tracks which were previously not included on the first version:
To the Glory of Evil Part I + II

Follow the true path of the Underground by radicalism, extremism and total devotion for the metal cult!!!



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Versandgewicht: 80 g
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