Caligula - Rehearsal Demo 2013

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South American Black/Deathrash Holocaustorm!!!!
Official, previously unreleased, rehearsal-demo from 2013 of the mighty Caligula from Paraguay!!! This rehearsal-tape contains three tracks with fukkin powerful sound (which doesn't even sound like a typical "rehearsal-recording"!) and leads back to the early days of Caligula, demonstrating their merciless, bestial sound and style which these insane maniacs have created since their early days! This is true Underground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fukkin DIY Tapes with pro-covers, for the real die hardbangers!!!

01. Neron Exterminador de Cristianos
02. V2 (Bomba de la Venganza)
03. Angel del Infierno

Official Tape-Version!!!!

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