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The ultimate manifestation of total darkness and melancholic death!!!
Rex Defunctis is the new unholy force of the mighty Khabee (ex-Argentum/ex-Burial), who formed the band together with Carlos "Count Carlo Di Cagliostro", who's also been an ex-member of Argentum and also Burial, the pre-band of Argentum! Rex Defunctis continues the real path of the old Argentum: magnificent, evil death-doom obscurity!!! Heavy, dark, melancholic, melodic, sinister!!! "C.F." was the latest demo of Rex Defunctis, which got released in 2018 and which also in my opinion still didn't receive the attention it deserves!! Therefore you shouldn't think twice and just fukkin take the chance to obtain this unholy masterpiece, before they're all gone... true disciples of the old Argentum can simply NOT deny this one!!! Hail Khabee!!!!

Official Tape-Version by Macabre End Prod.
***Mexico Import***


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