Hellpike Fanzine - #17

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You've been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hellpike Fanzine is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The comeback-issue #17 hits massively straight into your nuts with 80 glossy printed, A4-sized pages full(!) of crazy shit like interviews, reviews, special articles and lots of promo for different labels!! And I have to mention that especially this comeback-issue started the fight right, as you can see on the chosen bands for the interviews:

-Har Shatan (arrrggghh!!!)
-Nuclear Revenge
-Warmoon Lord
and more... also this issue contains a lot of interesting reviews and special articles and once again I have to mention the interviews, as I've really enjoyed reading them since Hellfukker takes no prisoners and speaks out his unpolished mind haha (especially the Godkiller one was great, especially the reaction of Duke Satanael!). As a real fanzine, there's only one mission: Supporting and promoting the real underground metal spirit! Interviews like these are an essential element, to demonstrate the true faces and ideologies of the individuals behind the music itself, so finally it's up to you what you think about band XY after reading their answers. Personally I am fukkin glad to see that Hellpike has finally returned now... another powerforce of the underground against your trendy, greed-infected society of hypocrisy!  Support the Underground or die!!!


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