Sphinx - Aggressions Tape

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"The ultimate in Deadly Speed" strikes again! Harder, faster and even more pissed off than ever before!!!
The burning brand-new EP "Aggressions" contains five brand new, lightning-fast, deadly sick, brutally aggressive underground hymns of extreme hardcore speed metal, which in straight comparison even made their high speed "Deathstroke" album almost sound like funeral-doom!!! FUKK OFF "nice boys false metal"!!! This is real Underground Metal Terror!!!... if you can't take it, you fukkin suck!!!

No fukkin compromises, it's all or nothing!!! Sphinx... delievers speed! Indeed they did it once again!!!
This sick-ass 5-Track Speedforce EP will crush your bones to dust - Posers gonna bleed, Posers gonna die!!

Available as regular tape-version & special "Die Hard-Version" (Deadly Speedforce Interceptor Set).

The "D.S.I."-Sets consist of:
-Aggressions Tape
-Live VHS* + Photocard/ or Live DVD*
-A2 Poster
-United Forces Live-Report Fanzine
-Speed Metal Enforcer Fanzine #2*
(28 pages with an exclusive Interview, 2x Special Articles, Rare Photos, News)

Limited to 500 copies in total! (450x regular, 50x Die Hard)
Proudly released under the sign of Destruktion Records, Germany!!


*Total D.I.Y.-madness!!!

Choose your weapons... or choose your death!!!
Support the real Underground!!! Death to posers and gay-ass trendies!!

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