Terminator - Brutal Termination LP

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Sick Underground Death Metal gem from the old 90s of mighty Poland!!!
Originally released in 1990(!) on tape, this killer demo has finally been re-released on LP now! Forget everything you believed to know about Death Metal, as Terminator does NOT play the typical swedish or whatever sound... polish Death Metal has always been unique, rawer, with a thinner and sharper sound and enhanced with a stronger thrash-edge!!! This shit is a fukkin must-have for maniacs of Egzekuthor, Mortify, Ghost, Imperator and old Vader!!

Right on top, this killer (and classic-style made) re-issue on vinyl also contains a 4-page A4-Mini Zine with lots of old photos and a very interesting and long interview, released by the mighty LIFE ETERNAL PROD.!!!


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