Military Shadow - Metal Punk Ironfist LP

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Total Metalpunk Attack from fukkin Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess what, yes that's "Branded Rebel" of fukkin BAFOMET on the axes!! High speed ripping metalpunk chaos is in command arghhh!!! Military Shadows strikes brutally fast and without mercy straight towards your fukkin head!!! Whatever's been missing at most nowadays "metal bands" or poser (nice boys) "punk" bands - speaking about savage speed and aggression, brutality and the real "eat my fukk"-attitude, can be found highly concentrated in Military Shadow!! If it's too fast, you're too lame... if it's too loud, you're too old!! Total Support or sacrifice yourself!!!!

Official LP-Version by F.O.A.D. Records!!! Yes, fukk off and die, if you don't like this killer horde!!!!!!!!!!!

***Italy Import***



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