Hellcrash - Demonic Assassinatiön LP

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The long awaited second album of the italian speed metal satanarchists "Hellcrash" is finally out now and the wait was fukkin worth it!!! Killer artwork, killer sound... killer album!!! Raw, bloody, evil speed metal assassination awaits with sick-ass high speed solos and insane drum-attacks and a raw voice, which now sounds even more like Cronos than Cronos himself!!! Hellcrash delievered one of the fukkin fastest mayhemic speed metal infernos of this year, so better watch out and grab your copy now, as this is the real shit you don't want to miss!!!

Official LP-Version by Dying Victims Prod. incl. Poster, Sticker and Photocard!

In case you don't believe me, just watch the official promo-clip (and DON'T listen to the whole album on youtube like a dirty poser fagg!!! The maximum power comes only through the real physical format, don't you forget about that!!)



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