Bunker66/Lucifuge - Of Night and Lust LP

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Killer Underground Split-LP of the italian BUNKER 66 and the german LUCIFUGE!!!
Finally there are more split releases coming up again and especially this one is simply killer!!!
The high standards of both bands should already be known, so you know what a sick piece of ripping metal torment you're about to receive!!! And for those who are still (for unknown reasons?!) not familiar with at least one of those, I highly recommend to grab this split blindly!! The tracks of both bands are representing perfectly their very own style and powers, but also what real blackened thrash has to sound like!!! No fukkin gay-ass "ufta ufta" boredom!!
(Lucifuge partly even reminds on early Ketzer!!!)

Official LP-Version by Dying Victims Prod. incl. Insert, Poster and Postcard!



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