War Ripper - Strength in Numbers 7"EP

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When I ordered copies of this record, I wasn't even aware that it was THE War Ripper of Joel Grind, as I thought that the band has already been put to death years ago?!... but then 13 years later (2020) he just released this new EP, which I have finally spotted now (2023...) and to make it straight clear: War Ripper still fukkin slays!!!!!!!!!!!! The sound is more heavy and powerfull now, same as the latest T.H. albums so to say, but matches perfectly here!! This EP contains 5 blasting hymns of ripping D-Beat/Black Thrashing Metalpunk streeterror, which are highly recommended for all sick bangers of the old metalpunk days such as Inepsy, Lifeless Dark, C.o.T. etc and Toxic Holocaust of course!

Official Vinyl-Version by Dying Victims Prod. incl. sticker!!!



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