OLD - Dawn of Darkness LP

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THEY ARE FINALLY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OLD has returned but not with empty hands:
"Dawn of Darkness" is the brand new masterpiece of the german underground veterans and yes, the 17 years of patience were TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! While great music marks the one, true attitude represents the other half of a real underground force and both have been preserved within the spirit of OLD!! These guys remained true to the radical ideology of the underground and therefore you won't find any trend-infected shit experiments or changes on this album or the band in general!! Even 17 years of silence, resisting against many years of all kinds of poser trendwaves and whatnot, OLD remained OLD and I'd day there's no doubt about it anymore at all, that these guys are truely serious in their attitude - as you can hear on this mighty new record, too!!!! Same for the label-selection, which did NOT go with a bigger label again... instead UNSILENT TOMBS has been chosen, one of the very few record labels in vinyl-releases, which kept the pirces on a fair base!!! Metal is Underground... Underground is Metal!... and so is OLD!!!

Official Vinyl-version on black waxxx by Unsilent Tombs Recs. incl. insert and Poster!



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