Infernal Curse - Apocalipsis Tape

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The second album of the argentinian black-deathastators INFERNAL CURSE!!! Still lusting for blood for the altar, this mighty horde released once again another masterpiece of absolute darkness and blasphemy back then in 2016, which unfortunately got brutally overseen by the most... Infernal Curse holds the bloody balance between an abysmal sound and nightmarish spells with their drownin, occult style without losing themselves in shitty overkills of effects, as many other bands did, who tried to follow their path without the knowledge and ideology... Hail the mighty Infernal Curse!!!

...if you don't like this, you must be fukkin wimp!!! 100% Anti-SONJA music!!! Infernal Curse is true metal, no poser shit!!!

Official Tape-Version by Sodomistic Rituals, Hail Guerrero!!!



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