Necroscope Fanzine - #38

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Editor Adam is a fukkin machine! As I've just finished with the last issue #37, he has already prepared the next one... once again full with all kinds of crazy stuff from the real metal underground!!! This time, the (extremely long and deep digging!) interview-list reaches from old veterans up to the troops of tomorrow, so here we go:

-Perverse Rites
-Bestial Proganation
-Savage Necromancy
-Vestal Cuntvomit

Further, this issue contains masses of detailed reviews for records and zines, too + the classical 'pearls from the abyss'-section, this time with the mighty THE CHASM + MUTILATED!!

This fanzine will keep you busy for a while but never bored!!!!!!!! Support the real underground resistance!
You need inspiration for your projects? This is the right source!!!!! Fukk the poser "major-press" who write like a bunch of fukkin homo monkeys!!! Forever Underground, you cunt!!! Hail the mighty Necroscope Fanzine!

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