Hellrot - Satan's Rock 'N' Roll Tape (Incl. Sticker, Poster, Button)

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Ripping High Speed Metal Holocauster from Mexico!!!
The second album of the one-man speed-metal-machine "Hellrot"! Even faster than ever before, this album knows no limits at all, same as the infinite power-source of the mastermind Tony Rot, who truely knows what the fukk he's doing!! Besides of the great and powerful melodical solo-attacks, it's especially his radical passion and dedication for the speed metal cult of which he's collecting the evil energy to create such intense songs (12 in total!!!) and seriously, even one track alone consists of more sick-ass riffs than many other bands are even able to deliever for their whole discography in 10 years!!! Hellrot is neither about being famous, nor about winning any money - therefore all the great speed metal hymns on this album are simply the pure and honest result of totally dedicated, mayhemic speedfreak!!! This is the true way of the Underground!!!

Proudly forged under the hammers of Destruktion Records the "Satan's Rock 'N' Roll" album has now been released exclusively for the european-territories as a special edition, which contains besides of an OBI, also a sticker, button and mini-poster which also includes all the lyrics on the backside!!! Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, only!!!



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