Hirax - Faster than Death Tape (Demo 2023)

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HIRAX IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!
"Faster than Death" is the official rehearsal-recording of the upcoming new album, which contains 9 tracks of brutally fast and heavy thrashing power, like nobody would have ever expected it!!! For sure this is HIRAX, but damn... even I haven't expected such a high level of raging violence!!! The new songs are much faster than "Immortal Legacy", maybe even their fastest attacks ever and also perfectly combining all the powers of their different eras, from the early heavy days up to the insane crossover power-trips and the raging fury of the "El Rostro de la Muerte"-times!!

I was extremely skeptic about the new line-up at the beginning, but seriously these guys have truely "delievered" and fukkin convinced me to the bones, as the new songs are just pure brutality, catchy heaviness and insane speed!!!

True to the underground spirit, Katon immediately agreed for a spontaneous D.I.Y.-Cassette release of this rehearsal-recording to promote the new songs in the only true way: ON TAPE!!!!!! And so far, I don't know ANY OTHER band from the 80s, who's still interested in real underground promo-traditions through D.I.Y.-Tapes!!! The true cult is alive, the underground resistance reigns supreme!!!!

Official D.I.Y.-Tape version by Destruktion Records!!
Interested Distros get in touch for the master-files to spread the true plague through the Underground!!!


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