Tempestous Fanzine - #7

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50 pages of glorious underground worship!!! (completely in spanish!!!)
Bloody Necro-Metal Fanzine from the chilean Hellpits!!!! Total support!!!!!!
Blasphemic and radical as fukk, featuring interviews with: Inquisition, Valdivian Tower, Malleus Maleficarvm,
Kerasfora, Conflagration, From Beyond, Sacris Ritus Vermes & Mystical Mountains... further contains a Blood Rites biography, many detailed reviews for records and zines and tons of other killer shit next to real underground propaganda!!! This is the true cult of the Underground -and it is still black and white!!!!!!!!!!!

Here you go for another reason to finally learn spanish!!! True zines like this, same as Necromancy are fukkin worth it!!!! Underground is Metal - Metal is Underground!!!!

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