Terasing Fanzine - #1

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Brand new fanzine from the very pits of Malaysia with fukkin 92 pages!!!!!!!!!!!! (Completely in english)
And damn, this guy is truely dedicated!!!!! Very straight and truely devoted to the real underground, editor "Isolator" didn't try... he did! And he delievered the goods!!! Great, interesting, honest and long(!) interviews are featured in this excellent first issue with: Sexmag, Pheretrum, Disrotten, Gravehammer, Death Invoker, Incinerator, Abominated and Hutan!!! Also there are many record & zine-reviews inside, next to a total DIY mini-poster (a collage of all featured bands in killer cut'n'paste-style - same as the entire zine)!!

Terasing Zine is already among my top-favorites of all the new fanzines, as this one truely explodes by its passion and crazy metal worship!!! The past hasn't returned... as the true cult is immortal and eternal!!! Zines like these, written by die hard maniacs have kept the power and traditions of the underground alive through all the years and to see more zines like this still rising during these times demonstrates it once fukkin again!!!!!!!!!!!! Support the real shit and boycott the poser major mags by "prof. journalist poser shit"!!!!


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