Necromancy Fanzine - #2

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Completely in spanish!
44 pages, A4-size!

Necromancy Fanzine is one of the most radical Underground Metal Fanzines you'll ever see and in my opinion a thousand times better than all of your so called "cult" zines!!! True D.I.Y.-zine with a total blasphemic layout and great interviews with: Dantalian, Diabolical Moon, Horda Profana, Putrid! Further several very detailed and personal biography-articles of artwork-illustrators, labels, maniacs and fukkin detailed, truely possessed review-articles, which show you the true burning spirit of die hard-maniac at work and passion!!! No trendy fukk, no homo-bands and no fukkin ego-shit!!!!! True and radical metal dedication to the bloody bones!!!

Necromancy Fanzine is different - true power and radical extremism on every level and a truely unique metal zine from the hellpits of Venezuela!!! ...if you believe to be radical, you have obviously never seen NECROMANCY zine before!!!!!!!!

Hails to Seth Nekromancer!!!! The true cult is alive!!!

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