Infaustes - Emerging from the Graves of Devastation Tape

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Brutal Black-Thrashing Blasphemy from the paraguayan supremative underground!!!!!!!!!!!!
A manifest of total rawness and evil holocaust metal terror!! Honestly I don't care about the fact which so many have highlighted, that Infaustes is a so called "all female band" - but rather point my fist on the table of facts, that seemingly all the hellish womaniacs from Paraguay are tough and true to their spirit and ideology! No fukkin poser metal catwalk shit as people are used to do it here... these maniacs truely live by the metal cult and only therefore (next to their musical blasphemies of total might which speak clearly for their ideology) Infaustes got all my respect, same as Bruja Maldita!!!! HAIL!!!

Official Tape-Version by Profaner Recs.

***Spain Import***



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