Sacral - Inverted Temple Tape

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A friend gave me a copy of this band a while ago with the words "this is fukkin sick stuff, check it out! Insane Heavy Metal in the vein of Mercyful Fate and alike..." - and damn he was right!!!!!!! Next to the split of Atom Smasher/Iron Kobra, this tape became truely a revelation and highlight for the german heavy metal underground!! The most insane fact: This is a solo-project!!! Without a fukkin doubt, this guy is one of the best and most creative minds for which we should be thankful here! Fast, dark, intense, powerful, raging heavy tunes will drive you to the edge of total madness, as the strong Mercyful Fate-vibe (the eerie combination of subsconcious evilness with heavy dark melodies) gave Sacral the ultimate power-boost!!! There's no way around!!! Fukk the hyped shit, Sacral is what you should keep an eye on, straight from the german Underground!


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