Master of Cruelty - Occult Loud Blast Tape

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The unholy leaders of the paraguayan underground metal cult: Master of Cruelty!!!
Total blackened deathrash armageddon with blasting speed-variations and an intense power!
"Occult Loud Blast" was the second release (EP, two tracks + one live cover-song of "Bathory") of the band back then in 2010 and set the first stone for their mighty reign and name, which you should fukkin know!!!

A total killer EP which I highly recommend for all fanatics of the fiery and radical black-thrashing sound of the Underground! This is the OCCULT LOUD BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Official Tape-Version by M.o.C. (cheers A.V.G. for the copies!)
***Paraguay Import***



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Versandgewicht: 80 g
Versandgewicht: 80 g
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