Blasphemaniac - Night of the Necromancer Tape-EP (Special Edition)

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Forged with power and pride under the hammers of Destruktion Records:

The brand new EP of the brazilian occult blackened speed metal underground elite! Dark, sinister and blasphemic underground metal in its most radical form! As a true disciple of the ancient metal cult, a band like Blasphemaniac represents the epitome of the real metal underground, as the blasphemic hellnoise of this killer EP reflects purely the radical mentality and total underground devotion of a band, which kept the honor and spirit of the real metal cult alive without cutting any corners! No fukkin compromise!! No shitty trends!!!

The new EP consists of four new abyssal hymns (with a brutally sinister and eerie sound, similar to Nafarmaan!) and as a special bonus-track also a Nifelheim cover of "Storm of the Reaper"!!!

After several months of hard work, this special D.I.Y.-Set has finally been finished (all boxes were handcrafted!) to celebrate this magnificent EP of the brazilian underground radicalists Blasphemaniac, who were worth it to walk the hardest path! Each set contains:

-Night of the Necromancer Tape-EP
-A5 Insert-sheet
-Logo Sticker
-Metal Pin (heavy quality)
-3x Photo-cards
-All hosted in a glossy cardboard-box with a bandarole!

Limited to 100 copies, only!!!

And although all the global price-increases in nearly every aspect of life didn't pass me without any harms, I've done my best as usual to keep the price as fair as possible... the money of this release will be used for the next upcoming attacks of R'LYEH and the seventh issue of Bestial Desecration Zine, which also contains a very detailed conversation with Blasphemaniac - therefore I do know very well what I am talking about here!! Total respect and support for the mighty beast from the brazilian hell!!!!


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