Frenatron - Trouble in Warsaw (Live) Tape

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Frenatron is one of the best new thrash bands from the polish-german alliance, true to the core and oldschool as fukk!!! These guys are maniacs and their songs are pure savage energy and violence!! The recording of this tape was taken from their killer performance at "Trouble" (live in Warsaw, Poland) where they've shared the stage with Sphinx, Injustice Pressure, Reactorblast and Pandemic!! Recorded straight from the soundboard, so yes the audio-quality is great and not potatoe!!!

The tape contains the whole live-set of 8 tracks (incl. "People of the Lie"-cover by Kreator and guest-vocalst by Szatan of Species on their song "Cartographer of Hell")! Proudly released by the METAL POWER FIGHTING FORCE - UNITED UNDERGROUND METAL ALLIANCE!!! Limited to 100 copies (hand-numbered)!


ps: NO! There has nothing been uploaded on fukkin youtube!! And you won't lose your life for 5 bucks on a tape, right? right!!!

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