Paganfire - Of Deathblades and Bloodsoaked Paths... Tape

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Filipino Thrash Attack!!!!!!!!
Paganfire is without a doubt the propably most productive Thrash band of all Asia and you either loved or hated them for their massive output of records (which almost became Abigail-/Sabbat-like). Anyway all their previous stuff aside, THIS ALBUM is an undeniable fukkin masterpiece and biiiiiiiig step forward on their historical path of evolution! Damn, this shit fukkin rips and slays damn precisely and obscure at the same time like hardly any other these days!! Well, most other bands became gay or lame or in worst case became one of these shitty pizza-party poser bands... but Paganfire are simply resistent against all the shitty trends and delievered here their very fukkin best album ever so far!!! A total must-have for all thrashing die hardbangers!!!!!!!!!!

Official Tape-Version by Slava Prod.!

***Thailand Import***




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