Akkeldama Zine - #13

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Fukkin AKKELDAMA Zine strikes back with it's 13th issue, straight from the very pits of Brazil!!!!
This issue is completely written in english, consists of 40 xeroxed A4-pages full of info sick interviews with:

-Occultus (Colombia)
-Lord Belial
-Limbonic Art
and many detailed reviews, too!!!

A special side-info about this zine is, that Maniac-Editor "Thiago" already published countless issues of Akkeldama in portuguese, but besides also published killer issues in english to spread the words of the interviewed bands all over the globe and this is truely heavy work - even more by taking in account, that he's cutting no corners!! Neither at the content nor at the layout, damn he's even helping out other friended zines in Brazil, too!!!
Total support and respect for this crazy maniac!!!

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