Bafomet/Sphinx - Underground Exterminators Split-Tape

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UNDERGROUND EXTERMINATORS - The official Bootleg Tape!!
This Split is a tribute to the real underground and dedicated to all those who have supported the underground through all the years by deeds - not empty words! For the preservation of our cult - not for ego-satisfactions or fame!! Throughout the last years especially two bands brutally impressed me by their absolute dedication and selfless attitude in honor for the underground cult and those were BAFOMET from Japan and SPHINX from Germany wherefore both have been chosen for this special split-release.

Originally planed as 7" Vinyl-Edition, I have finally decided to release it only as limited D.I.Y.-Tape Edition (also a special D.I.Y. CD-Version will follow as well) as the production-costs for vinyl have become ridiculously high, same as the obviously false "meaning and value" of vinyl for most of the so called "collectors" nowadays! You make me sick!!!
Therefore I returned all the way back to the classic DIY-traditions with xeroxed covers in cut'n'paste style and home dubbed tapes!! An ANTI-COLLECTOR EDITION!!

The tape contains one track of each band, which are:

SPHINX - Forever Underground (NEW SONG!)
*Recorded at their first live-presentation at "United Forces #1" in 2022. A powerful new speed-metal hymn, dedicated to the "Iron Legion Circle" & "The Intruders HMFC"!! This song will also be featured on their upcoming album, so watch out!!!!*

BAFOMET - War Ritual (Demo Version)
*Bafomet have come a long way on which many different maniacs fought side by side with the last-remaining original member Vladphemer upon the underground battlefields, till they reached the status they've got today. Therefore an older version of their song "War Ritual" has been chosen as a tribute to the former members of the band, which shall never be forgotten for their dedication which they've put into Bafomet!!*

Limited and hand-numbered edition of 100 copies, only. Several tapes can be bought from the bands at gigs as well, so march out and support those, who truely deserve it!!! I have only 15 myself... several other distros will have some more, so better be fast!!! (A few tapes also have a button!)

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