Amon - Call the Master! Tape + Fanzine

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Propably the very best re-issue of this old demo gem form Czechia you'll ever fukkin see!!!
The mighty Life Eternal Prod. & Atomic Vision Prod. teamed up once again and resurrected this killer East-Bloc Black Metal demo from 1992 in the most traditional way, which also relates to the killer "old" paper etc, no modern-effects or shit! The design is true to the original and contains even the alternative cover-version on the flipside!!

As a special bonus, the tape comes with a damn sick, classic-style Mini Fanzine which contains an interview with "Dr. Fe" (see also ROOT! R.I.P.) including several old photos and seriously, you can sense the passion on every single page here!! This tape wasn't made to gain quick money... this is truely a homage by real fanatic maniacs for a band which had a very special meaning for them and thus was made to be distributed only within the real underground circles!! Hail the Cult!!

Total Killer Release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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