Misery - The Early Years LP

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Sick-ass compilation of Misery's early material...

"This record compiles their very first releases (except for the "Your Leaders Were Lying!" 7"EP because the band doesn't like the sound of it), so you'll find: "Born Fed Slaughtered" 7", "Blindead" 7"EP, "Children Of War" 7"EP and the two "Split" 7"EP's with Assrash and Hellspawn. A total amount of 13 tracks for nearly 40 minutes of dirty, pissed and stinky crust punk! It comes with a 4 page booklet with all the images taken from their original records, lyrics and info."

Straight to the point you cunts!! Official black-waxxx edition by Agipunk Recs.!!!

***Italy Import***





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