Terror Cross - Skull Metal Armageddon Tape

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Alongside with Jävelin & Bonehunter, are these guys the leading forces and unholy trinity of finnish metalpunk, while Terror Cross is without a doubt the extremest one!!!! Sicker sound, sicker tracks, sicker structures!!!! Instead of copying Inepsy over and over again, Terror Cross rather crawled deeper into the hellish underground to create the sickest form and new definition of extreme metalpunk, where especially the raw and crazy sound/solos will smash your eyes within your skulls to liquid shit!!!!! Absolute killer stuff!! THIS IS SKULL METAL ARMAGEDDON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Official Tape-Version with alternative cover-artwork by Entenebrecer (Bolivia), proudly released by Destruktion Records!!! (some copies are including OBI + Sticker inside)



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