Mortala - ...En Concierto Demo 1993 A5 Digipack CD

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Sick Death-Thrash Slaughterers from the peruvian Underground of the late 80s!!!
This rare recording was so far also the only official Demo-release of the band and consists of six own tracks + Sepultura Cover, while this edition got enhanced with three more rare bonus-tracks, which shouldn't be missed at all arghhh!!! Merciless metal terror which strikes partly even in the same vein of the old Ultra Metal sound (especially the raw and brutal vocals remind a lot on the early vocals of Agressor's (Colombia) first demo recordings!).

The sound of this recording is fukkin great and no damn shit noise which nobody ever needed!!

Comes in a special A5-Digipack Version with 4 panels, some flyers/photos of the band inside and a short biography!!
Killer Edition!!

***Peru Import***



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