Hellfire - The Last Goat of Him CD

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The best, the only true and most underrated Black-Thrashing Underground Force from China!!!!
Fighting through the Underground since 2007, the almighty horde of the leading-force Asura has grown to radical, blood-lusting killer force of the underground which never fukkin ever cared about any shit like money, rockstar-fame or other false crap! True the cult, Hellfire is the only real underground metal band I've ever known from China - no fukkin discussion!!

This special and new Compilation CD contains all tracks from:
"Evilucifer Hellfire EP" 2017
"Witches' Sabbath EP" 2018
"Hadestar EP" 2018
"Evil EP" 2019
"Eviler EP" 2019
"Evilest EP" 2019

Fukkin killer and raw black-thrash madness!!!
Official release by HELLFIRE!!!

***China Import***


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