Grave Wave - Magazine #3

Grave Wave - Magazine #3

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The unholy 3rd Issue of the new swiss Underground Fanzine "GRAVE WAVE"!
60 Pages, english written! (Now with an even better print-quality!)

Expect the ultimate Metal Chaos in form of nice interviews(!) with real Underground Bands and the craziest Drawings on this fukked up planet!!

Interviews were done with:
-Ultra Silvam(!)
-Funeral Fukk
-Occult Burial
-The Cavemen
-Devil Master
and many more... + several Live-Reports, Reviews and special interviews with Paolo Girardi & Andrey Askanov

Before you piss around about the expensive price, remember: this zine comes from Switzerland, everything is more expensive there, incl. the production of such a Zine! Therefor, the content is even better!!!

***Switzerland Import***

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